Upcoming Google Search changes “Helpful Content Update”

Google has announced a major change for website ranking on Google.

“Helpful Content Update” should start rolling out this week. It could be as big a shakeup as the Penguin update launched 10 years ago

The Google ranking update is reportedly to target content “written for the purpose of ranking in search engines that do not help or inform people.” It is designed to help make sure that unoriginal, low-quality content doesn’t rank highly in Google Search.

Why is this important ? If you have or are responsible for a website or web content and use syndicated feeds, a business vertical template or product brochure content you’ll want to word craft your content up a bit. Creating unique content is what we are after here.

So if you see traffic drop over the next few weeks the “Helpful Content Update” might be the reason. Recommendations are checking your content now and brushing it up before the “Helpful Content Update” rollout in order to help your website from being affected and possibly losing ranking.

The good news is if you are creating unique and insightful content this “Helpful Content Update” could HELP your rankings by weeding out content created just for search engine ranking with no real intrinsic value. The update is also designed to help true experts in a particular vertical / field to rank better than non-experts.

If you need help creating, updating or re-crafting your website content to help with this Google “Helpful Content Update”, I can help. Typical rates are$75 per hour for content creation or we can create a fixed project price.