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SSD – Solid State Drive Upgrade

Unleash the speed and power of the internet – videos – apps and your workflow while offering overall improved performance and reliability. Lightening Fast – No Moving Parts SSD upgrade. Turn your slow sluggish PC – into a state of art Speed Demon!


Blistering fast SOLID STATE DRIVE (SSD) upgrade elevates the everyday computing experience to a higher level of performance and usability. Single best thing you can do for your PC or Mac


Faster Everything!

Imagine clicking on an app and having it load immediately.

SSD “instant on” performance —  super fast system boot. Unlike the Traditional slow spinning hard drive.

SSDs have no moving parts and do not have to mechanically seek out data on a moving platter like traditional hard drives SSD’s perform upto 10X faster than  traditional hard drive PC’s..


Seamless Multitasking

The improved data access capabilities of an SSD allow you to toggle multiple applications with ease. From back ups, running antivirus, scans to launching apps, websites and playlists. The power of an SSD enables you to multitask like a pro — with little to no lag time.


Increased energy efficiency

Since SSD’s have on moving parts, they require less energy to operate and can increase the life of your computer and give your laptop longer battery run-time. Lower power usage equals cooler operating tempartures and faster performance.


Better system cooling

SSD’s access data using flash memory rather than seeking it out on a spinning platter like a hard drive, Enabling consistent operating temperatures, which can help keep overall system performance. Cooling fans don’t have to work as hard which means less fan noise and  overall quieter performance.


Faster InterNet Access Speeds

With faster than ever available internet speeds, all too often your old hard drive is the bottle neck. SSD allows faster page views, file downloads and videos. Cloud apps run like smooth as silk  with faster response, less loss of mid-stream work and internet data drops,


More time for what matters

Having an SSD in your PC save time. Be it booting up, loading apps, general OS responsiveness or intensive operations, SSD will save you time so you can focus on what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about upgrading and using and SSD

Can I Do An SSD Upgrade Myself?

YES . If you are comfortable with computer hardware and a screwdriver. In many cases you can perform an SSD upgrade yourself with video tutorials. Depending upon your system will depend upon the complexity. Some laptops and macs are as simple as removing a cover, while others require a massive disassembly. We can help you decide the best method suited for you.

How long does the SSD upgrade take?

VARIES. Depends on the brand and model of your computer and amount of data, current size of your hard drive. Most in place upgrades can be accomplished within a few hours. Shipped systems within one week.

Is my data safe?

YES. We can check any current data and system backups to help assure your backups are good. Alternatively  we can sign you up for iDrive cloud based backup or perform a local backup to your network or USB device. We have been helping people just like you for since 2001 and adhere to strict data security requirements.

Can you do the upgrade for me?

YES. We offer remote assistance, on-site service or you can ship the unit to us and we will perform the upgrade and return the upgraded unit to you. Most prefer us to perform the upgrade. Before shipment we will backup your data to your cloud account or local device. If you don not have backup, we’ll get you a FREE Trial of iDrive  cloud backup to backup from your location and then perform the upgrade. We will white glove physically inspect and clean your PC for optimal life and performance.

How can you perfom remote service if my computer is off?

MOBILE. If you have a mobile phone we can do a face-time video session and guide you through the process. Insured shipping to our location is also available.

Can I keep my old hard drive?

YES. We will preserve the contents of your existing old hard drive and you keep it. You can then re-purpose use your old hard drive and use it as a local backup device.

Prices subject to change. Computer system must meet upgrade requirements.

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