FBI now Recommends putting tape over your webcam / mobile camera”;  I’ve recommended for sometime now, covering device webcam lens when not in use to help thwart unauthorized viewing.

Many are often in disbelief. They can’t really do that, can they? Or your just paranoid cause your a geek. “I don’t care if someone hacks my web cam.” It’s no longer a possible theory. Protect yourself. Pick up a LIGHT DIMS KIT – only $5.99 for 100 DIM stickers. Avoid the tacky look and gummy mess of roll tape. These little stickers do the job, easy removal and reusable. Share with your friends and family. Also, great for those never ending annoying flashing LEDs. Often those what were cool lights on electronic can become annoying, These help with that, quick, easy, non-permanent and inexpensive.