A new strain of “talking” ransom-ware is beginning to appear.We’ve seen it on both Windows10 and Windows. In addition, apparently it being sold as service to hackers so practically anyone can use it. No coding experience is required. Ransom-ware is software which is dropped on a computer and runs through the network encrypting data files, rendering them un-openable without a “key” which the hackers attempt to sell to the victim so they can once again access their files.

The software verbally startles the victim and instructs them to pay the ransom.

NEVER pay a ransom, as there is no guarantee that they may easily become re-encrypted at a later date. In addition, there are remnants spread around the network which could reinfect.

Infected networks must be cleaned and secured. The best way to turn a would be catastrophe into a mere inconvenience is with  “proper systems backup and disaster preparation“.

While there are plenty of “backup” tools available. We always recommend the “3-1” rule. (3) three copies of up to date data, with one (1) copy off-site.