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Local Southern California US Based A+ Certified Technician

Secure online remote support directly to your computer.

We fix computer issues & answer questions via phone, chat & screen sharing. Professional U.S. based help is a simple phone call or mouse-click away.

Using interactive remote and video support, we see problems through your eyes – without ever leaving our office!

We can resolve technical issues of nearly any kind for just about any product or service.

Entrepreneurs, Independent Agents, Sales Professionals or a Office Staff, we make it happen. “Modernization” & “Mobilization” of your business saves time, cuts costs, increases productivity and maintains business continuity. The goal is to become your Trusted Adviser offering personalized computer systems monitoring, maintenance & support at a Flat-Rate!


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Personalized Technical Support
Troubleshooting, service, repair, maintenance.

Windows PC, MacOS , Networks, Cloud Services

PC, Mac and Unix Specialist

Virus, Spyware, RansomWare Prevention and Recovery Expertise

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Services Pricing

  • These hourly rates assume regular software and type of service. For specialty software, customized business software, both the time and rates can vary depending on difficulty.
  • On Site Hourly Rate
  • During Business Hours $150.00
  • After Business Hours $250.00
  • Weekend Hours $350.00
  • Remote Desktop & Technical Support
  • During Business Hours $50.00
  • After Business Hours $100.00
  • Weekend Hours $150.00
  • We can repair virtually all operating systems, from being sluggish to no longer booting up. We also offer a range of hardware fault repairs.
  • Most Common Repairs
  • Basic System Cleanup $80.00
  • Advanced System Cleanup $100.00
  • Windows Deployment $120.00
  • Windows Password Removal $60.00
  • Data Backups
  • First 10gb $50.00
  • per 5gb after that $5.00
  • Plus the Media we Have to put it on
  • Undelete Recovery
  • Minimum $60.00
  • Data Recovery
  • In shop recovery due to file deletion, format, windows reinstall, or any other non hardware related issue. Price will increase according to the amount of data that needs recovered.
  • Minimum $250.00
  • Mechanical or Board Level Data Recovery
  • This service is for Hard Drives, RAID Arrays, Flash Memory / Thumb Drives, Cell Phones, and Tablets. Item will have to be sent to our data recovery specialist to be evaluated. Evaluation costs $100 up front. Once evaluated, we can give you an exact estimate of what it will cost to do the recovery.
  • Evaluation $100.00
  • Minimum for Recovery $500.00
  • Laptop LCD Replacement
  • Average $160.00
  • Netbook LCD Replacement
  • Average $120.00
  • Touchscreen Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Average $200.00
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