Well it is official.

Our past warnings and concerns over being monitored (spyed) upon through SmartTV’s  is real. In addition to the now typical advertiser tracking, the provider themselves are tracking and serving content based upon your viewing habits. This is kept in a database just for you. Perhaps most importantly is the accessibility to microphones and cameras on smart devices, in particular Smart Tv’s. We have recommended covering laptop cameras and disconnecting desktop cameras when not in use.

These devices have now become known as “edge” devices as part of your “IoT” network, known as the “Internet of Things”. We affectionately refer to “IoT” as the “internet of Insecure Things.”

The FBI has now released a stark warning to users to cover smart TV cameras with tape as well.

We recommend having a managed secondary firewall to help monitor, maintain and protect your IoT network.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Keep an eye out for our recommendations on how to secure your “Iot”. Yes your refrigerator will be spying on you.