World Backup Day!

Is your data backed up? Can you restore your systems and files quickly in the event of a computer crash?
World Backup Day is the perfect day to check your backup status, for your home and your business.

You should be following the “1-2-3 Rule” at minimum, while reviewing and testing backups regularly.

1 = The “Working Copy” on your local computer / device.
2= “Local Copy” to a hard drive or network device on a USB Device or your network.
3= “Offsite / Remote / Cloud” copy on a secure storage server in the cloud.

If you’re are using offsite cloud services like IDrive, Carbonite or Acronis check your status and/or logs to make sure your important files are backed up and can be restored. It is recommended to regularly restore at least one file to a temporary folder then test open the file to assure it is indeed recoverable and readable.

Do you have a website? Be sure that is properly backed up on a regular basis as well. Believe it or not “most” web hosting companies “DO NOT” do a good job of backing up your website and databases.

CMS sites like WordPress and Joomla can be particularly finicky in the event of needing a restore is required.
Be sure you are using a quality backup service like Jetpack, Updraft Plus or WP-Clone. Ideally backup copies should be on a different storage location other than the server the website is hosted.

If your running an e-commerce shop on Shopify, Etsy, e-bay, etc. be sure you back that information up or have a copy of the content on your local drive, e-bay, in particular has been known to lose drafts and listings.

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