Work From Home

Freedom from the confines of a stuffy office, long commutes and pandemic implications. Productive “Work From Home” (WFH) system comfort, security and backup-recovery contingency plans.

Now more than ever workforce mobility increases productivity and profits.  Protect your business, customer data and employees. Remote workers learn how to keep your privacy on your device.


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Need computer help, training or troubleshooting?

Get FAST secure certified remote support.

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Front Line Worker

Remote Solutions

Now’s the time to create a secure & controlled remote environment. Working from home. Away on business trips or across the building, Secure remote access, employees can be productive & connected.  Easy / Secure access to files & applications in a cloud-hybrid model.

Cloud Desktops on Blazing-fast secure SD-WAN global network allows blazing fast remote access to allow telecommuting work, from anywhere, anytime. Staff and remote workers securely run in a fully virtualized environment. Access apps, files, 3rd party tools and connect with customers and vendors fast and secure. Quickly. Easily. Securely. Cloud Desktop your staff.


Cyber-Security protection should be a front-line approach for your business to protect intellectual property, client information and your reputation. Learn how to protect data and digital assets.

Have a proven Disaster Recovery plan with policies and procedures in place before a possible breech or failure.

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

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Keep People Working

Business ConNECTVity

Thriving and surviving today’s economic environment requires low cost, low maintenance, high availability Always On Always Available Access.

No hardware costs, no costly team of IT people. Control who has access to what, where and when.

Transform your business operations into a cohesive secure private productive digital network. 


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Endpoint User Protection

Protect endpoint devices against malware, viruses, ransomware, phishing attacks, zero-day threats and unauthorized access keeping people working and business running smoothly. Wipe devices in case of theft, turnover or attrition.

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Cloud Network and Data Accessibility

Cloud computing extends your network for telecommuting remote worker access. Protect data with properly configured access rights, cloud-based firewall security, SD-WAN or “Private Cloud in a Box” with multi-factor password protection.

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Business Continuity - Data Backup

Protect from unforeseen catastrophes, accidental data deletion, ransomware or theft. How much downtime can you afford?  Plan for fast recovery with proven tools. Cloud environments need backup.

Protect and Serve

Secure Your Perimeter

Pre-emptive planning and in-place protection is your best defense.

Don’t wait until a breach happens to begin protecting your systems.  Begin a business continuity and disaster protection plan today. South Bay Computers offers information, planning, protection strategies and tools to start protecting your business, your data, and your people today!

Cloud Network and Endpoint Security

Monitor, track, protect and control mobile endpoint devices on the edge and beyond. Have the ability to lock-out users and remote wipe proprietary information off stolen or compromised devices to help protect workers and you.

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Local On Premise Network Security

Anti-virus tools alone are not enough to protect your digital assets and proprietary information. Data backup, access polices, surveillance cameras and firewalls combined create viable a security solution.