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Capture the status of your current environment, pinpoint any “pain-points” while focusing on where you want to improve, leading to optimal design, planning and implementation of viable business technology solutions.

Business owners and executives need to focus on improved information technology management. They must combine processes and technology to protect corporate resources without affecting productivity. Every day, new tools are released that promise to help boost personal productivity, improve communications, and save the world. And your users cannot wait to start using them at work, by the way. Trouble is, these eager early adopters rarely seek official approval — especially if the service is “free.”


Seemingly harmless use of software, hardware, and services is known as “Shadow IT,” and it’s very common. Many businesses may be willing to accept (or more likely, ignore) the risks posed by some new cloud systems so long as there are associated productivity gains. However, this willful acceptance could place your organization at risk. How can you accurately track the location and spread of sensitive data and Intellectual Property if they do not know where it is being held?

Every day, new tools are released that promise to help boost personal productivity, improve communications, and save the world. Often your employees cannot wait to start using them at work. Trouble is, these eager early adopters rarely seek official approval and install or upload your data — especially if the service is “free.”

Experience and careful planning affords us the ability to implement sound IT solutions for your company making your employees more productive, processes more efficient and your business more profitable. Following through with training, systems monitoring, maintenance and scheduled status meetings. As you your dedicated IT Consultant, we focus on technology, so you can focus on your business.

Understanding and implementing leading edge technology tools into your day-to-day activities, can be a daunting and time consuming task for entrepreneurs and business owners. South Bay Computer Solutions analyzes, repairs, recommends and implements solutions while guiding you through the process. We don’t stop there. We continue to support you through our extensive IT Management and Maintenance System.

Small Business IT Support Hourly or “Project-Rates” …  

South Bay Computer Solutions provides an array of essential IT management services including Cloud, PC Management, Server Management and Network Management at a monthly flat rate to businesses and entraprunuers.

Earning Trust while Advising and Effectively Implementing Technology


South Bay Computer Solutions delivers technology and business best practices through proven methods of proactive process analysis, implementation, configuration and maintenance. Our “Flat-Rate” IT Support Service is designed to reduce costs, increase your profits and mitigate your business risks, we partner with you as your Virtual CIO and IT allowing you to focus on running your business, not your technology.


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