Mesh Networking Technology

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Mesh networking products are all the rage amongst manufacturers of wireless technologies, and there’s a reason why: We have grown incredibly dependent on a steady stream of wireless connectivity and that dependency extends to phones, TVs, IoT devices, and more.

Systems generally come in packs priced to cover from 2000 square feet to 6000 square feet  areas.

What’s most impressive about these mesh devices. They transmit data to the clients simultaneously (as opposed to sequentially), which leads to significant increases in throughput. While not only increasing the relative speed of the network—by increasing the capacity of the wireless network. This is crucial now that wireless networks are getting hit harder by more devices. at leaps and bounds.

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If dropouts, slow streaming speeds and difficulty connecting for multi-users is an issue in your home or business try these new Wire-less mesh network devices.

Need help with set-up and configuration? We can help with “Remote Virtual” technical assistance.

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