A Firewall provides protection at the perimeter of your network. Most firewalls installed by your ISP or a junior technician are “dumb” firewalls. They are simply configured with some local rules and then left to become outdated as soon as they are installed. Furthermore power outages and field maintenance from the ISP’s e.g. Charter Cable often “wipe” or “reset” the firewall with no warning to you leaving you unprotected. A “Managed Firewall” is regularly monitored, maintained and administered. Firewalls are not a point-and-click or set-it-and-forget-it technology. Like most edge devices these days, firewalls are typically installed “on-site” or configured in the “cloud” and managed via “Remote Support”. ”

Managed Firewalls” allow live definitions to be updated which help protect against constantly changing threats. Rules can be set in place to block certain websites and social network activity. Cloud Firewalls are virtual firewalls with all communications run through the cloud security provider,

Managed firewalls typically provide for VLAN configurations which are Virtual Local Area Network keeping the VLAN seperate from the rest of the network

Make Managed Firewall your first line of defense.

Firewalls are a key component in safeguarding your business from malicious threats. Managed firewalls protect not only your “edge” devices, but your “cloud” perimeter “SaaS” and “Storage” areas.

Cloud based firewalls need no onsite hardware and help protect internet connected devices anywhere on the internet.