Laptop Computers offer robust computing on the go to simple and lite.


Your laptop is typically the second go-to device , after your mobile, for everything from productivity and gaming to social networking, so you should pick the system that matches your needs and budget. With dozens of choices at different prices and sizes–ranging from $199 11-inch Chromebooks to $2,000, 17-inch gaming behemoths–picking the right Laptop can pose a challenge to even the most tech-savvy consumer. That’s why we’re here to help.

Firstly, what might be the primary use for our portable computer?
Secondly, How much will we actual travel with it ? on Vacations ? School, Office, Field work?
Are touchscreens, convertible , durability, illuminated keyboard, audio are of thing to consider.
Last but not least – Security. What level of security is required and whom is going to use it.

W’ve broken down to these Four types – NoteBook, Convertible , Detachable Tablet

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