Upcoming Google Search changes “Helpful Content Update”

Google has announced a major change for website ranking on Google.

“Helpful Content Update” should start rolling out this week. It could be as big a shakeup as the Penguin update launched 10 years ago

The Google ranking update is reportedly to target content “written for the purpose of ranking in search engines that do not help or inform people.” It is designed to help make sure that unoriginal, low-quality content doesn’t rank highly in Google Search.

Why is this important ? If you have or are responsible for a website or web content and use syndicated feeds, a business vertical template or product brochure content you’ll want to word craft your content up a bit. Creating unique content is what we are after here.

So if you see traffic drop over the next few weeks the “Helpful Content Update” might be the reason. Recommendations are checking your content now and brushing it up before the “Helpful Content Update” rollout in order to help your website from being affected and possibly losing ranking.

The good news is if you are creating unique and insightful content this “Helpful Content Update” could HELP your rankings by weeding out content created just for search engine ranking with no real intrinsic value. The update is also designed to help true experts in a particular vertical / field to rank better than non-experts.

If you need help creating, updating or re-crafting your website content to help with this Google “Helpful Content Update”, I can help. Typical rates are$75 per hour for content creation or we can create a fixed project price.

Back to School Laptop Deals

Back to School Laptop Deals

Back to school laptop deals are a good time to pickup a new laptop at great prices.

Due to Laptops flexibility, easy access and mobility, laptops are the hot ticket for work at home and back to school.  Dell XPS is rated the BEST overall Laptop.

Laptops use less power consumption, offer wired or wireless and quick external display connections using compact docking stations.

Windows 11 and Chromebooks are both popular choices. Chromebooks are great in a “Cloud” centric world. If all your work is in the cloud “Chromebooks” are great choice if you don’t need local Microsoft Windows programs. Get exclusive Chromebooks only available at the Acer Store.

Dell is offering Inspiron laptops starting at $299.

Many schools and businesses require Windows Professional for compatibility and security in their environment and on their networks. Windows is still the best experience for Microsoft Office, content creators and legacy Window apps. Be sure you choose a Windows Pro OS if required.

Dell also has some super back to school laptop deals this summer.

If you are a creative or just like a better display be sure to get a laptop with powerful graphics like offered in Dell XPS and Precision Laptops at great “Back to School” deals.

Smart TV Security Warnings

Well it is official.

Our past warnings and concerns over being monitored (spyed) upon through SmartTV’s  is real. In addition to the now typical advertiser tracking, the provider themselves are tracking and serving content based upon your viewing habits. This is kept in a database just for you. Perhaps most importantly is the accessibility to microphones and cameras on smart devices, in particular Smart Tv’s. We have recommended covering laptop cameras and disconnecting desktop cameras when not in use.

These devices have now become known as “edge” devices as part of your “IoT” network, known as the “Internet of Things”. We affectionately refer to “IoT” as the “internet of Insecure Things.”

The FBI has now released a stark warning to users to cover smart TV cameras with tape as well.

We recommend having a managed secondary firewall to help monitor, maintain and protect your IoT network.

Welcome to the New World Order.

Keep an eye out for our recommendations on how to secure your “Iot”. Yes your refrigerator will be spying on you.

Is Microsoft Breaking Your Computer

We’ve noticed a strange anomaly when Microsoft rolls out a “feature” upgrade is performed such as the Anniversary Update (v1607), original Creators Update (v1703), or Fall Creators Update (v1709), the update will clear at least (1) Restore Points, (2) Event Log Entries, (3) Windows Update History, and (4) Reliability History. Basically they are installing a new operating system, and using restore points from previous versions would apparently mess things up. Thus, one does not have the option of rolling back to the previous version for a period of time if you have issues with the new version.

As IT Professionals – WE DON’T LIKE THIS. The whole purpose of a restore point is to “RESTORE” the system in the event something breaks as a result of a new app, update or malware. So be sure to check your Restore Points and be sure they are turned on. Simply “Search” for “Restore Point” and check if it is turned on, if not “Turn Restore Points On” for your C: Drive. A virtual machine backup like StorageCraft would also enable you to rollback to prior to one of Microsoft’s “Big Update”.

If you need help with this and want one of our Remote Computer Inspection / Tune Up Sessions. Please call (310) 791-8507 or email us at support@southbaysolutions.net .





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World Backup Day

World Backup Day!

Is your data backed up? Can you restore your systems and files quickly in the event of a computer crash?
World Backup Day is the perfect day to check your backup status, for your home and your business.

You should be following the “1-2-3 Rule” at minimum, while reviewing and testing backups regularly.

1 = The “Working Copy” on your local computer / device.
2= “Local Copy” to a hard drive or network device on a USB Device or your network.
3= “Offsite / Remote / Cloud” copy on a secure storage server in the cloud.

If you’re are using offsite cloud services like IDrive, Carbonite or Acronis check your status and/or logs to make sure your important files are backed up and can be restored. It is recommended to regularly restore at least one file to a temporary folder then test open the file to assure it is indeed recoverable and readable.

Do you have a website? Be sure that is properly backed up on a regular basis as well. Believe it or not “most” web hosting companies “DO NOT” do a good job of backing up your website and databases.

CMS sites like WordPress and Joomla can be particularly finicky in the event of needing a restore is required.
Be sure you are using a quality backup service like Jetpack, Updraft Plus or WP-Clone. Ideally backup copies should be on a different storage location other than the server the website is hosted.

If your running an e-commerce shop on Shopify, Etsy, e-bay, etc. be sure you back that information up or have a copy of the content on your local drive, e-bay, in particular has been known to lose drafts and listings.

Using my secure remote support service is the best way to setup your backup, I have configured hundreds perhaps thousands of systems and can help assure your backups are configured and working. Get a full system Tune-Up / Security Check for extra peace of mind.
Just call 424-532-1633 or email to schedule a remote session today.

Download this FREE Microsoft Disaster Preparedness Business Plan eGuide and Disaster Preparedness Readiness Quiz to learn more.

Be on the look out for our Beyond Backup Solution.
Always On, Always Available, Anywhere, Any Device.

LaptopTops / NoteBooks

LaptopTops / NoteBooks

Laptop Computers offer robust computing on the go to simple and lite.


Your laptop is typically the second go-to device , after your mobile, for everything from productivity and gaming to social networking, so you should pick the system that matches your needs and budget. With dozens of choices at different prices and sizes–ranging from $199 11-inch Chromebooks to $2,000, 17-inch gaming behemoths–picking the right Laptop can pose a challenge to even the most tech-savvy consumer. That’s why we’re here to help.

Firstly, what might be the primary use for our portable computer?
Secondly, How much will we actual travel with it ? on Vacations ? School, Office, Field work?
Are touchscreens, convertible , durability, illuminated keyboard, audio are of thing to consider.
Last but not least – Security. What level of security is required and whom is going to use it.

W’ve broken down to these Four types – NoteBook, Convertible , Detachable Tablet

This post will increase in knowledge as it proceeds…. I f you would like to comment , suggest or recommend. Please feel to leave acomment.